Fraud Alert! - Laowai Career Center Cheats Uni Grads with China Job & Internship Scams

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Fraud Alert! - Laowai Career Center Cheats Uni Grads with China Job & Internship Scams

Warning to all that this Laowai Career Center is simply the old Gi2c and Getin2China scam with a new name but the same owner (Russian man named Yuri) who is now using the 5th alias company name but the same boiler-room operation he has been using since 2008. They are reported and blacklisted at, reddit, eslwatch, China Scam Patrol, etc. Basically the same bait and switch scheme except now they also offer jobs along with internships.

They guarantee you "a placement within 30 days" but you can never get the job or internship you applied for with the high pay. Everything is promised over the phone but not in the contract. Their sales rep told my brother that "We have been in business for almost 10 years now", yet their website was only registered in 2014, the same time Gi2C was exposed by China Scam Patrol with a huge and detailed report that went viral in China.

What some of their victims have to say are here:

As for me, I backed out of a job placement after they gave me a fake job interview by Skype with a guy who said his name was Daniel Kirby who was allegedly the Assistant HR Director for Lenovo in China. When I called Lenovo directly to get Mr.Kirby's email address, I was told there was no such person working there! I then did some online due diligence and found the above links and then finally this one here - Game over.

Don't believe all the fake testimonials or reviews or any blog written by "Stephanie" because is actually employed by Yuri to write these good news blogs about China and always finds a way to mention how honest and legit LCC or Gi2c is. Not long ago, they ran an ad to hire blog writers and you can check out what they told one of the applicants at (user name "British Gypsy"):