DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad

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Overall, I think DIS was a program that was very well organized and offered many great opportunities, but is expensive and risks limited cultural immersion.
I was looking most of all for cultural immersion in my study abroad experience, and because of my housing situation--living in a "folk high school" with many Danes--, this program was perfect for me. But many students in other housing arrangements got to know very few locals. Living at the folk high school (which are residential schools, so you will eat and hang out a lot with Danes or international students around our age if you want to) was by far the highlight for me, and allowed me to learn a lot about certain parts of Danish culture and form really strong friendships with locals. Some say that they were worried about the hour-plus commute to classes, but in my opinion it was totally worth it, especially because some/many DIS students live and spend almost all of their time surrounded by American students, which seems strange to me while studying in a place away from home.
My biggest complaint would be about the other DIS students, many of whom did not seem interested in classes or in meeting Danes and learning about their culture (taking short trips to other cities most weekends, for example).
I thought classes were pretty good overall: I liked that there were so many interesting options to choose from, and that field trips were included in the syllabi to add to what's learned in the classroom, but again it felt sort of weird taking classes with all American students. There are some University of Copenhagen classes that you can choose, but at least in the one I took the majority of students were DIS students.

Posted: July 27, 2014
By: eay25