Dharamsala child care program

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Dharamsala child care program

Has anyone volunteered on IVHQ's Dharamsala child care program? I can't find any reviews for it, and not many for their other India programs. Thinking of going in August. If not, can anyone recommend a good program working with children in /around Dharamsala?
Thanks! Sara

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Hi Sara.

Gia has recently posted her review on this website from her time in Dharamsala http://www.abroadreviews.com/international-volunteer-hq-ivhq and if you go to our Facebook page or group you will find other volunteers you can talk to and ask questions of. Hope this helps!


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I would rather avoid most big

I would rather avoid most big companies. Try to go directly to the projects or volunteer through legimate (sending) Organizations, that work with kids and evaluate the impact of their projects regulary. Feedback of the volunteers show custommer satisfaction but not anything about the impact and target group. Also if you volunteer short term, try to volunteer with organizations that have donors and do not only depend on the donations of volunteers.

Some helpful links:

Check out this website: http://www.worldwidehelpers.org/?gclid=CI-V6rvQwrcCFTMRtAodKh8ArA

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