China TEFL Job Scam Alert: and 72 other frauds are exposed at r/TEFLscams on Reddit and these other sites

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China TEFL Job Scam Alert: and 72 other frauds are exposed at r/TEFLscams on Reddit and these other sites

Hello colleagues. Let's be frank... There is no FTC, BBB. or Consumer Protection Agencies in China, and Foreigners never win in court. Our only hope is helping one another with warnings of who to trust and avoid. There are white and blacklists put out by the CFTU, CTA, ETA, and USE THEM! But also check these sites weekly because China scammers are clever and constantly advertise under fake names and create alias companies at least once or twice a year. These are the common scams all the Veteran Expats found out the hard way,,,

* The Silent Scam

* The Probationary Scam

* The TEFL Course Scam

* The Paid Vacation Scam

* The Contract Scam

* The Tax Scam

* The Complaint Scam

* The Internship Scam

* The Salary Scam

* The Z Visa Conversion Scam

* The Part-Time Scam

* The Resume Scam

* The TEFL Forum Mod Scam

* The PM Scam

These are just some of the 39 different scams Chinese employers and recruiters will use to steal up to half of your salary! Do you know the others? I only know about them because my GF is a volunteer with the CFTU and we get their monthly newsletter. Otherwise we would have been scam victims also. So here are the sites you should visit at least once a month, and every time you are about to look for a new job or if you want to legally break out of a bad contract.

Just keep in mind that if and when you get cheated it won't be for $500. It will be for at least $3,000 to $10,000 or even more, and even spending another $12,000 on a local Chines lawyer won't help you get your money back. Lastly I leave you with just 3 newsletters to get you up to speed TODAY! They are always free so try to read them.

In one hour of reading you will learn how to find your own TEFL teaching gig directly without any risk of skimmers, scammers, or identity thieves and you will earn at least 30% more salary and better benefits than any job agent or recruiter will get for you. Good luck to all of you and stay healthy. - L. Davis