China Scam Alert - & cheat foreign expat TEFL teachers

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China Scam Alert - & cheat foreign expat TEFL teachers

Foreign Expats and Beijing teach are just two China job scam companies owned and operated by convicted Rosie Tang who was previously known as Rebecca Tang until she was arrested and jailed for defrauding over 2,000 foreign teachers in China from 2007-2014. After spending a year in jail she was released in 2016, immediately changed her name to Rosie Tang and now is once again - cheating foreign teachers by skimming their salaries, providing illegal job placements without the mandatory Z work visa, and extorting them for release letters. If you buy a fake university diploma, police certificate or TEFL certificates, one of her associates will then shake you down for $3,000 with the threat of turning you into the Chinese PSB for the 15,000 rmb reward money. If you complete your contract with her and actually demand the bonus that was promised to you, Rosie herself will turn you in as an illegal migrant worker to collect the 15,000 reward. So in the end, she profits about 50%-50% of your wages, another $4,000 in fake documents, $1,000 for your release letter, and then collects another $2,500 in reward moneys from the PSB!. See here >>>>>

Here are all the alias China companies Rosie Tang is now using to scam foreign teachers;

China ESL

Wan Jia

East-West Education

Golden Bridge ESL

Golden Bridge Education

New Life ESL

New World ESL

Golden Bridge English

Golden Bridge Visa

Yes, she even sells black visas as well as use some foreigners as managers who bait the rest of us. Those four are Derick Yazwa, David Valley, Eric Winder and Nikic Pedrag aka "Nikki". For more about this slick bitch visit You have officially been warned. Pass this link along to those in your WeChat and WeiXin group to limit the victim count.