Beware! Getin2China is a China Job Scam to avoid - They also sell BS internships and use many alias names!

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Beware! Getin2China is a China Job Scam to avoid - They also sell BS internships and use many alias names!

Where to begin? First, they steal deposits and promise you whatever you need to hear to sign their contract. They will not tell you that they were evicted from their last two offices in Beijing by landlords who were tired of angry foreigners threatening to burn down their offices or boycott on the sidewalks with signs that boiler rooms were being operated inside at both the Dongzhimen and Galaxy Soho locations. Now they have an office at Zhongguancun in Beijing but they tell people their HQ is in Shanghai where they keep a virtual office space.

Next... all those wonderful testimonials and review are all bought and paid for friends. As impressive as they look, they have all been edited and many tourists were paid $500 or even $1,000 to make them.!

Two of my friends were swindled by these con artists and I played dumb and visited their office to apply for job. I was asked to read from a script and when I did not do very well, the owner offered me $!,000 a week to write and post blogs praising their company all over the internet. We haggled about the price and then he showed about 10 examples posted by another employee named Stefan. Most of what he wrote is under the fake name of Stephanie. I did not take the job after I witnessed a girl crying and begging for a refund claiming she was raped by a drunk Gi2c client she was forced to share an apartment with.

There are some good people working there and when I asked them if they knew how people were getting scammed they pretended not to know anything but I watched one girl in the office using Photoshop to make invitation letters. When I told her that was illegal, she replied "Maybe in your country but not here in China!".

When the owner caught me trying to take a photo of his boiler room (about 10 people were on the phones including 4 foreigners) he grabbed my phone and deleted all my photos and then pushed me out the door. Today, I found this about them on this internet. Had I saw it earlier I would have taken it with me and ask these questions aloud in their office