Anyone heard of Gap Guru?

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Anyone heard of Gap Guru?

Has anyone ever heard of or volunteered or interned with Gap Guru? (

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Anyone heard of Gap Guru?

No i dont have any idea about Gap Guru.

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Anyone heard of Gap Guru?

i heard about that

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Gapguru review

Yes I volunteered at a school in Nepal. As a teacher of 18 years, I had the necessary skills required however few checks were made and no experience was required. I get the impression that classes could have been taken by anyone with absolutely no teaching experience poor kids. I spent over £1000 for the placement. Very little went to the family I stayed with or the local co ordinator or indeed the school. He often had to use his own money to pay the family my accommodation fee (which was small) as money took such a long time to come through from the company in England, leaving him short. The local co ordinator was legitimate and very helpful and hospitable. I felt the community were ripped off by the company in the UK. Not sure where my money went, certainly very little made it to Nepal. Admin costs? Basically a short inset session in Newbury a glossy intro packand off you go. Finding a placement for me? The placement already existed and didn't need finding. Not exactly worthy of £1000.Really wish I had done it off my own back. Now I have contacts in Nepal I would definitely go again under my own steam. These companies rip off enthusiastic young volunteers in my opinion. They are businesses making money, it's easy to mistake them for charitable organisations.

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No I never idea about Gap
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