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I went to france for the year program and my experience with school and friends was greaat. But when the school day came to an end I dreaded going 'home'. They basically just take any family they want and let them host. My host mother would yell and me all the time, my host brother would always be on the computer and over all I felt very unconfortable. I would have to walk down a moutain in the rain some days very early in the morning to catch the bus while my host brother would get ride to school-we started school at the same time...
I asked to change host families and I regretted that so much. My next host family was just a young couple with a little toddler. The husband was never home and the wife was s stay at home mom so didnt do anything. I was forced to sleep on the floor and the forced to babysit the little girl all the time. the little gril distroyed everything I owned and I could never just relax. Then my family would tell AFS that I wouldnt spend time with them though I was ALWAYS WATCHING THIER KID. I finally decided to go just go home early after the 8 month mark. AFS never told my family or I until the day before I had to go to a temp family across town where I didnt know what day my flight was until the night before..
I had an AWFUL experience and eegret ever going and wasting $13000 on the trip but I did no other students who had the same expereince and others who had a wonderful experience and love their family very much. I think it was about 50/50 in my area of student who had an awful time and students who had a good time. There was so grey areas was either a terrible situtation(I knew another student who had a worse expereince than me) or a great situation

Posted: July 30, 2009
By: Anonymous


We had a horrible experience with AFS. AFS charges exorbitant fees to exchange students. Our AFS student from Germany told us she paid $20,000 for her year in the US. The money goes to pay AFS staff, but they give nothing in return. Once an AFS student arrives, the student knows that she/he can find a "better" deal with a different family and can immediately dump your family for no reason. If the student wants to move to a family they think is better, AFS will immediately move them to a new family, without reason, regardless of how much it hurts your family. All that is important to AFS is the fees the student pays. They are ruthless profitteers. An AFS student we know had her teacher make an announcement to her classes that she didn't like her host family, and she was looking for a new family. AFS immediately rewarded her by moving her to a different family the same day. When I was in high school in the 1970's, AFS had a good reputation. Not any more. There is a reason that AFS receives such terrible ratings on this site and others. AFS has turned into an exploitative organization. My advice is to STAY AWAY FROM AFS!