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My first complaint is that Adelante gave me outdated information when applying for my visa. I signed up for the 6 month internship and so legally, I was supposed to apply for a student visa. The language school in Spain was supposed to send the *original* letter of acceptance and they never did. Adelante did not seem to be aware of this (or they didn’t care), and even suggested that it be faxed, which the Spanish Embassy would not accept. As a result, I spent $400 on travel insurance which I ended up not needing, and wasted considerable time, trying to apply for a visa that I would not get.
Second, after two weeks of language classes, I was immediately supposed to start my internship. Instead, the organization in Spain kept brushing me off and stringing me along and so I ended up not starting until two months later. On top of that, the people there were supposed to be speaking Spanish to me, so that I could improve my speaking and listening skills, but instead they spoke Catalan. It is Adelante’s job to be ensuring that its candidates are placed in the proper internship positions requested. So I was placed with American roommates and was hearing Catalan while volunteering and so as a result, I hardly practiced my Spanish. Not to mention that my “social work internship” merely consisted of babysitting preschoolers.
However, my main complaint is the *exorbitant* fee for this program. Even with the exchange rate taken into consideration, Adelante charges top dollar for what are satisfactory (at best) living accommodations. After speaking with several locals in Barcelona, I could have paid literally *half* the amount and gotten an even better apartment. The description included “two full baths” even though it failed to mention that one of the bathrooms was entirely off limits. There was also a “common area” which implies a living room, but it was really just the entrance way. Construction was constantly occurring inside and outside of the building. And food is not at all covered within the price of the program, making it incredibly expensive just so I can live overseas and volunteer.
And lastly, no refunds are granted.

Posted: April 6, 2010
By: Anonymous


How come you waited two months?? If I paid for a program and my internships didn't start on time, I would have called right away and even if (it is international and we are talking about interns) there was a bit of a dealy, how could you let it go on for so long? Sounds like you were there in vacation mode! And Adelante prices are WAY cheaper than the 4 prorams I just looked at - it took me 5 minutes, do it yourself, compare. Soemtimes when you pay for a cheaper program, there are some things you need to expect to do on your own (like get out of the house if you are speaking english all day!)