2021 Review Fraud of Best Learning aka Beile Education TEFL Job Scam. Staff paid to post fake replies

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2021 Review Fraud of Best Learning aka Beile Education TEFL Job Scam. Staff paid to post fake replies

Since Best Learning aka Beile Education was outed as a China Job Scam when 38 of their Fake Unqualified teachers were arrested, jailed, and deported (also fined 10,000 rmb each) in 2018, and the China Daily and BTV reported the event, Jeremy the CEO has been in frantic damage control mode ever since as almost 800 parents demanded refunds since they were told all the foreign teachers were in fact EXPERIENCED TEACHERS FROM AMERICA AND CANADA AND THE U.K.

However a 6 month investigation by the China Scam Patrol who contacted and interviewed 7 of the 28 deported teachers and 3 staff members of Beile Education in Beijing discovered the following...

1) Only 4 of the foreign "teachers" arrested, jailed, fined, and deported were from the United States, Canada, or U.K.

2) The other "teachers" were from the following countries;

Czech Republic

3) Only 3 of the 38 arrested "teachers" had any prior teaching experience at all.

4) Only 5 of the 38 arrested foreign "teachers" had real diplomas from real universities and one of the staff confessed that Jeremy the CEO sold fake replicas of university degrees and TEFL certificates to the teachers for 3,000 rmb so incase parents inquired, they would be "on file" to review.

5) 6 of the arrested teachers had criminal records, but fortunately none for child molesting. Most were DWI/DUI arrests, assaults, and shoplifting. 1 of the teachers was actually a wanted fugitive for breaking into a jewellery store back in his homeland.

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/9mW9l0-ZdO0

Over the last 2 years, Jeremy paid his staff 50rmb (about $8) for each and every positive fake review and comment they could post on the internet. Most of them are pretty obvious. Whether the parents and new teacher applicants are fooled or not, I have no idea.

But my own ex gf worked at the jin yuan mall location on the 5th floor when Yuna was the Principal the day that the reporter from BTV came to visit. My gf sensed something was wrong and slipped out the door. Although she has a degree she never taught anything in her life before being hired by Best Learning. Yuna was an Angel and treated everyone fairly well and with respect, but Jeremy was always finding ways to cheat the teachers out of overtime and paid vacation and holiday pay. He only sponsored a handful of about 85 foreigner teachers with the proper Z visa and everyone else was working illegally. His explanation that their business license only allowed them to issue 5 Z visas, for one location, and when he expanded to 5 locations he did not want to pay the extra money for the bigger and more expensive license nor pay the extra taxes for the new locations.

Anyway, that entire operation is a shady bunch except for Yuna, Sun, and Li Peng on the staff. BTW... All 38 of those teachers who got departed never got their last paycheck and they lost everything valuable they had in their apartments because after the landlords learned they were arrested and being deported, they helped themselves to want remained in the apartments, unless there was still a roommate living there.

Please remember this post every time you see those wonderful reviews and replies posted for Best Learning and Beile Education. The owners had the chance to fire Jeremy and Mrs Ma and start fresh, but they want back to same black market crap.