2021 REVIEW of ESLinsider aka MyTEFL.com = TEFL Job Scam

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2021 REVIEW of ESLinsider aka MyTEFL.com = TEFL Job Scam

TEFL Warning to all TEFL Teachers, interns, Principals, and uni grads wanting to teach abroad. This scam operation known as ESLinsider.com aka MyTEFL.com aka TEFLinsider has a loong 10+ year history of cheating young people with a variety of bait and switch TEFL job scams, salary skimming, and those who reject the crap jobs offered have their personal information sold to identity thieves. The owner who uses a variety of names like Ian. Lou, Walter, etc. often makes fake calls pretending to be a Principal or HR officer call to you offer you a $60,000 Tefl Teacher job IF you are sponsored by ESLinsider and one of there TEFL certificates. But not to worry because they will sell you a TEFL certificate if you do not want to buy their $439 TEFL course. In fact, you can also buy a university degree from these crooks as well for only $999! Ian, Lou and Walter, still lure people because they spam the world with "advertorials" and fake reviews that they were caught making themselves. https://tefl.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=8836&sid=0b5351018eaad7982b... This ESLinsider gang needs to be avoided like Ebola!
If you need to learn more about ESLinsider just visit these links: