$1,000 Reward offered by the CFTU for the real legal name of China TEFL job scam queen Rosie Tang

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$1,000 Reward offered by the CFTU for the real legal name of China TEFL job scam queen Rosie Tang

I felt actually joy when I stumbled across this on the internet last night http://opnlttr.com/letter/china-foreign-teachers-union-offers-1000-rmb-r.... I immediatley was glad for the 1,200 victims of this woman I never even met. Why? Because I too was a victim of another China job scam and I know the frustration and anger they are going through first hand.

I am so damn glad that people are now fighting back against these bold scammers and I really hope this becomes a trend. We should collective name and shame every one of these liar, cheaters, and fraudsters by name and photo. But even if you are lucky and smart enough not to cross paths with these clever con artists, learn one lesson from our mistakes - NEVER EVER TRUST ANYONE USING A CHINGLISH NAME RELATED TO ANY JOB OR OPPORTUNITY IN CHINA!

And if you want to make yourself "99% scam-proof" in China, start checking these links once month every time you change your underwear!






And NEVER EVER Do these 3 dumbest things in China...

1) Let anyone but the PSB hold your passport

2) Sign any employment contract with anyone EXCEPT a direct employer

3) Upload or send your resume,personla data, orpassport scan without reading these links first: