I can only add to the previous reviews of this company by strongly agreeing with the comments, particularly that of GC being a business and not a charity. While the project I was involved with in Ecuador was very good, and I really felt like I was helping, it was only once I had arrived that I discovered that the cloud forest eco-lodge is run by local villagers and supported by a couple in Quito who find them volunteers. GC act as an agent in this respect, and therefore take a huge cut for doing virtually nothing. Having talked to locals and the couple who run the show in Quito, I worked out that over two thirds of what I paid ($1500 from memory) went to GC, while the Quito representatives took a fair amount of the rest (I believe deservedly) and a horrifically small amount a day went to the eco-lodge and local people to look after us. When I questioned GC about this huge discrepancy, the only answer they could give was that the rest was needed for "administration". It would be rather more understandable if the pre- and de-briefing had been of the highest quality, and I had been totally confident of how and what I was doing before I went. This, however, was not the case, and I can see no reason for them taking such a large amount of money. What upsets me most is the abuse - as a traveller, it takes experience and confidence to just turn up in a foreign country and find a project to volunteer for, but this is by far the best way of doing it; that way you are bound to find good people doing good work, and not be ripped off by opportunists who have prospective volunteers over a barrel.

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I am suppossed to be going to Ecuador in september with rcdp. I'm trying to figure out if they are the same company as gv. If anyone could give me more info if you've been that would be great. I'm starting to get nervous being that I'm travelling alone. Any help would be great!
are you available to give me some info about where to volunteer in Ecuador. David at